Wheelchair Rugby

The sport was created by athletes with an impairment and combines elements of rugby, basketball and handball.   Wheelchair rugby players compete in manual wheelchairs specifically designed for the sport. Players must meet minimum disability criteria and be classifiable under the sport classification rules.
Who is eligible for wheelchair rugby?
  • Impaired muscle power
  • Ataxia
  • Athetosis
  • Impaired passive range of movement
  • Hypertonia
  • Limb deficiency
Sport class 0.5 Players in sport class 0.5 have significantly limited function in their shoulder, arms and hands, for example due to tetraplegia. The player would typically catch the ball by tapping it into their lap and throw the ball with a scoop pass. Their main role on the court is as a blocker.
Sport class 1.5 A player in sport class 1.5 has fair arm function, which makes him or her excellent blocker. A 1.5 player will also handle the ball on occasion, but typically they show some instability in the wrist, which leads to limited ball security. Some athletes also have asymmetrical arm function, so that they mainly handle the ball with their strong arm only.
Sport class 2.5 Players in this sport class have good shoulder stability and arm function. They might have some trunk control. Due to their ability to flex their fingers, they can perform overhead passes, catch the ball with two hands and maneuver the wheelchair effectively. In the team they are ball handlers and fairly fast playmakers.
Sport class 3.5 A 3.5 player has good arm and hand function, which makes him or her major ball handler in the team. They have some trunk function, which helps them to rapidly accelerate the wheelchair. They will typically have a high and upright sitting position. Also, an athlete with above knee amputations of both legs and with a loss of fingers and hand surface on both sides may play in this sport class. You will see 3.5 players perform controlled one-handed, long-distance passes.
*Sport-technical rules: Players with different sport classes play together in a team of four. The total number of points in a team on court for four players may not exceed 8 points. This way the impact of the impairment on the game is balanced between the two teams.
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