Para Canoe

The sport is exactly like canoeing for able-bodied athletes, allowing those with physical impairments at all levels to enjoy the sport.


The two main boats are the kayak and va’as boats. Whilst the kayaks are the main Para canoe boats and are propelled by a double-blade paddle, the latter are outrigger canoes propelled by a single-blade paddle.

Who is eligible for para canoe?
  • Impaired muscle power
  • Impaired passive range of movement
  • Limb deficiency
KL 1 Athletes in this sports class have no or very limited trunk and no leg function.
KL 2 Athletes in this sports class have partial trunk and leg function; they are able to sit upright in the kayak. Along with this, they will have limited leg movement during paddling.
KL 3 Athletes in this sports class have trunk and partial leg function, they are able to sit with trunk in forward flexed position in the kayak and able to use at least one leg/prosthesis.



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