Para Archery

In para-archery, the target size and distance archers stand from the target differ based on the competition category. In individual events, archers shoot 72 arrows at the 10-Circle target, divided into 12 ends of 6 arrows each. Each athlete is allowed 4 minutes per round. The top-scoring athletes advance to 15-Arrow head-to-head matches, which are single elimination. An archer using a Recurve Bow shoots at a target 1.22 meter in diameter, 70 meters away from the shooting line. A Compound archer shoots at a target 80 centimeter in diameter and stands 50 meters away.

Who is eligible for para archery?
  • Impaired Muscle Power
  • Athetosis
  • Hypertonia
  • Ataxia
  • Impaired Passive Range of Movement
  • Leg Length Difference
  • Limb Deficiency
W1 Archers in this sport class compete in a wheelchair because their impairment includes the loss of leg and trunk function. Also, their arms show a loss of muscle strength, co-ordination or range of movement. For example, one condition that might fit this sport class profile is Tetraplegia.
OPEN Archers who historically competed in the W2 and ST sport classes have been merged together as their impairments have an equal impact on the outcome of competition. Archers in this sport class may have a strong activity limitation in their trunk and legs and compete in a wheelchair. Their arms, however, show normal function. This profile would likely apply to paraplegic archers. Also in this sport class athletes compete in a standing position, they require some standing support because of poor balance. They either have a leg-length difference, limb deficiency or impairments that also affect their arms and trunk.




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